SwingShift and the Stars Event FAQs


Food and Beverages

Liquor Policy of the COH and Bistro Fou Fou - COH is contracted with Bistro Fou Fou to provide all beverages under their Liquor License. As such, absolutely no outside alcohol may be brought on the premises.

Snacks/Food and The Dish - The Dish Cafe is our exclusive caterer. No outside food or snacks are allowed.

Special needs Guests and Children

Special Needs Guests - If any of our ticket-holders need special attention due to disabilities, please make let us know so that appropriate arrangements may be made, preferably at least 24 hours in advance.

Children – If you would like to bring children they must have a ticket and be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Voting and Donation Envelopes

Voting Envelopes - NEVER leave a voting envelope unused! Each ticket-holder will receive a voting/donation envelope. You can vote using cash, check or credit card (processing fees will be taken from cc donations). There is a $10 MINIMUM for a vote to count.

Make sure to complete the envelope and place into the voting box BEFORE the cut-off time for your vote to be counted!

Donation Envelopes - Donation envelopes will be made available to anyone who needs more than one envelope during the evening. Funds enclosed in a donation envelope will not increase a performer’s tally.

Night of the Event

Doors Open, Dance Lessons, Band - The City Opera House doors open at 6:30pm. Dance lessons for guests will take place between 6:35 and 7pm. The show will begin at 7pm with the band’s entrance on stage.

Impact Videos & Performances - Impact videos will not begin until the entire dance hall is quiet, so please be respectful and courteous of the other organizations and their messages.

Voting & Donation Envelopes - All envelopes must be dropped in the voting box BEFORE the cut-off time in order to be counted toward the performers’ Audience Choice award for the night. Donations turned in after cut-off will be deferred to the overall donation total but the vote will be lost.

Votes and donations will be added and announced before the end of the evening.

Matching Donors - We have a $10,000 match (EXIT Realty Corp. International $7500, and EXIT Realty Paramount $2500) on the night of September 21, 2018—that means for every dollar you donate that night, your dollar will be matched up to $10,000!

LiveStream the Event and Donate from Home!

You can watch the event live on upnorthlive.com/live/event and make donations from home. Though you cannot vote from home, your donations are just as important!

For more information…

Contact Us or visit SwingShift and the Stars website!