22-2-NONE Preps for 22-Mile Hike

First Annual "Take a hike, help fight the fight" 22-mile hike event - this Saturday, 7:00am registration

We would like to start off by saying that we are absolutely humbled by the out-pour of love from our communities, businesses and individual people during this journey to collaborate our First Annual 22-mile Hike. The positive response and interest in participation we have received is much more than we ever anticipated.

As busy as our board has been to fine tune all details of the hike for a smooth run- from obtaining permits, meetings with locals for their support, media exposure, board meetings etc., we do not want to lose focus of what we are truly hiking to raise awareness of:

Exposure for the men and women who have served our great nation, that now bear the burden of an inner struggle are who we are hiking for. What we hope to accomplish on this hike is to raise awareness of Veteran Suicide.

What does this truly mean? This means we stand up on Saturday for those who may not have the strength to stand up for themselves, we draw attention to our flags flying proudly, we come together to show those struggling that we have their back and we refuse to brush this problem under the rug. 

Every mile we hike this Saturday, every blister, every backache, every bead of sweat and every ounce of fatigue endured will be in honor of our veterans lost and those still fighting. We will continue to hike even when we feel we can't move another step- because this is what our struggling veterans face each day. 

If you are unable to participate, volunteer or donate for the hike, you can still make a difference!

Start by not being afraid to talk about Veteran Suicide. Help be the voice within our communities. Talk to your children and family about the struggles our veterans face, so they can grow to appreciate the sacrifices made for them to stand free.

Teach them that they can show their respect by standing silent and removing their hat during the National Anthem, placing their hand over their heart during the Pledge of Allegiance and to say a simple ''thank you'' and shake the hand of any military personnel they come in contact with. 

Our organization would like to personally thank you for your genuine interest in our cause, our mission and our focus. We hope to provide inspiration to those in need and gather people like YOU to help FIGHT THE FIGHT.